It's taken 15 months but my studio is now open to the public. I'm a perfectionist. It's a constant battle of knowing when to let up on the reins and just go with the flow. I had envisioned a different experience when I finally let the public into my personal working space, however I realized that it's going to take time to see my goals come alive. The biggest obstacle I'm overcoming as a individual craftsman is spending time on product displays. Most of you see my work online and rightfully want to see it in person. The work you see online has already been delivered to the customer and it's likely a custom piece so I make only one. All of that is changing now.

I'm scaling back on the made-to-order work for now, solely focusing on stocking my studio with product displays, and having ready-to-ship items available online. The quality of work will remain the same however there won't be a large inventory due to the nature of my process.

Back to the studio. In addition to my own work there are several other local artists  work displayed such as Mandy Cave and Pastrana Studio. You will see some of my family history like the saddles my grandfather made for my mom and dad.

If you're interested in a bespoke piece that aligns with my scope of work, we can schedule an appointment to discuss your project. There you can see some of the leathers I offer in person that you won't see online. Bespoke work takes many months to accomplish so patience is key however, you will be walking away with a piece specifically made for you.

Thanks for reading,

Clint Wilkinson


If you would like to visit me, my public hours are as follows...

Thursday - Friday
10am - 5pm

Wilkinson Studio
347 E. Hickory
Denton, Tx. 76201
940) 268-5354