I have been an admirer of Montana Watch Company for some time. I was introduced to them by friend Tyler Sharp of Modern Huntsman, who happened to write a story on them a while back. He suggested that I look into making watch straps for them as their stunning time pieces match my leatherwork perfectly. After a little research to see who was currently making their watch straps I was delighted to find out Cary Schwarz was the craftsman behind the beautifully hand tooled straps. I've made mention of Cary before in a previous entry titled Yearly Quest for Inspiration, if you haven't read it I suggest doing so to learn more about how elite Cary certainly is.

It's kind of an unwritten rule to not go after your peers clients, so I laid to rest my desire to make watch straps for Montana Watch Co. It wasn't until 3 years later  November 2017 that I saw an email from Jefferey Nashan, the owner and horologist of Montana Watch Company that perked my ears up. He explained that he's in search for an artisan to make custom watch straps, and that Cary Schwarz has recommend me to take over his position. It was an honor to be recommend by such a fine craftsman to make straps for the most beautifully designed watches I've ever seen. All of the hard work dedicated to honing my skills as a fine leather artisan have started to pay off.

There was no time wasted, my first job was to create 16 watch straps for the finest shop in hunting located in Houston Texas, Gordy & Son's Outfitters. Since then I've had the opportunity to create some of the most fantastic watch straps for many of their clients. I highly suggest looking at their catalog if you're particularly fascinated with the history of early American wrist and pocket watches. Plus, you will likely be wearing one of my straps.

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I'd like to extend my deepest gratitude to Cary Schwarz and Montana Watch Company for the opportunity to further my craft.

Thanks for reading,

Clint Wilkinson